MarshaThese posts are meant to be representative of the artistic journey for all of us. My art is not one craft but many. I write, knit, scrap, and am trying to learn bookbinding, drawing, and watercolor. I rotate my hobbies in real life, so while I may focus for awhile on one, I will eventually get to the others. My hope is that my journey will inspire you to take up a pen, a brush, needles, a pair of scissors, or whatever you desire and create with it. The inspiration for this site stems from having read Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (available on Amazon). I recommend this book to anyone who hopes to create in any way.

I am learning as I post, so feel free to provide feedback on some of my work to tell me what areas can be improved as well as which areas are showing progress. Even if no one views this site but me, I hope it is a journal of sorts for me to look at and see my own progress as time goes by. If you are wondering about the title I chose for this blog, Dogwood Daydreams, I live in Missouri where our state tree is the flowering dogwood and I come up with a lot of my ideas while daydreaming. And yes, I can often be found staring at blank walls just thinking about stuff.

I really hope I can ultimately build a network of artists who can share freely without fear. This will take time, but if you leave a comment for me, be sure to link back to your blog so I can see your work as well. I am always interested in what others are creating and you might find your blog linked to in one of my posts. Better still, something you have created might inspire me to create something of my own.  Your craft does not have to be one of the ones I necessarily do. Link any craft you do. I would love to see it.

Thanks for taking the time to view my blog and look at my creations.  I know that in our busy society time is precious, so I do mean that sincerely.  I hope you can take something away from what I do and bring it back to your own art.

Photo of me is courtesy of D&J Photography in Russellville, MO



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