Successes and Failures as of Late

Here I am at Day 20 of consecutive writing. Hooray! Next goal is 30 days. Some of the days have been scarce as I have been busy and honestly some days I just don’t have the motivation for much. As promised in the last post, I did complete my quilt top and here is a photo of it.


It is called the Tifton Tiles Fat Quarter Quilt and it is made up of 9 different fat quarters cut into sections. The pattern can be found here. I have not made my quilt sandwich and begun quilting yet. So far, this is just a top.

I do wish I had balanced the darker purple a little more to the left, but other than that I was fairly happy with it. I did have a nicer layout of this quilt that day, but we had accidentally left the window open and the wind blew through and destroyed much of my layout, so I had to start over.

I liked the first layout better, but couldn’t remember it fabric for fabric, so I just had to piece it back together as best as I could. Believe me when I say that the second time around, that window was shut and I began sewing ASAP! On September 27th, I will begin my first quilting class to learn everything I need to know to make a quilt. Until then, the Tifton Tiles Quilt will be put aside.

I have not decided which quilt top I will make with the other 9 fat quarters I have in my possession. There are so many great patterns out there! I still have one table runner to finish up for a friend and I need to get to it. Fall is here on September 22, I believe, and she wanted fall fabrics.

I just have to post a photo I took of Iris while she was napping in my lap yesterday. She just made herself so darn comfy that I have to show this off. I turned the photo to black and white because I was wearing black and white and she is gray and cream and I thought it showed the contrast better than trying to do it in “color.”


She always sleeps down the length of my legs an then she rolled and her back paws were straight up in the air. Such a cutie!

So the quilt top was a success and the consecutive writing was a success. What are the failures you ask? Well, I am not really writing creatively right now, even though I sort of want to, it is almost as if I have been away from it for so long that I am afraid of tryig to get back into it. I haven’t been reading either, and I would prefer to be doing one or the other.

Another failure is that my house is a mess. I really need to clean it. I had a hectic week and weekend last week so I was really looking forward to yesterday and today to catch up on housework. Yesterday I napped with Iris, today I slept again after dropping Hubby at work and now I am on the internet.

I had another hospitalization for mental health in July and I guess I am still reeling from that. I have to quit my full time job at the end of this month because I am in day treatment and my FMLA is running out. I plan to volunteer there for a bit to keep some structure in my days and finish up a couple of things I wanted to.

I am looking for part time but am hoping to find something that doesn’t require any or many weekends. I had thought about going back to the public library, but every other weekend work schedules stink, and I would prefer to avoid that. I have been spoiled. Maybe I should get in touch with the freelance company that presented to us at the writers’ guild in July. I might be able to write for them. It’s just the motivation that makes the difference. I will have to be self-motivated and right now that isn’t working out for me too well.

I will be taking a class on making a silhouette vest next week. If I am successful, I will post pics. Have a great week all!






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