New Novel Percolating…

I have some ideas for a new novel. It will be a paranormal romance this time I think. My heroine is a witch from a natural world. My hero is human and ignorant of her kind. They may or may not meet at a Renaissance Faire–still working that out.

Yesterday I did some world building, and in this world there are four types of powers that witches and witchers (male witches) have. They are fire, electricity/lightning, poison, and wind. They can bottle their powers at a weaker strength for others to use when in a perilous situation. However, their powers are strongest when used directly by the witches’ spoken spells. They are natural botanists and herbalists. They are aware of the properties of most of the plants in their regions, if not in the world. They use the plant properties in mixtures to replicate their powers as closely as possible using ancient formulas passed down through generations of witches.

The main religion of this world is worship of the goddess Celeste. She is very similar to Gaia in that she is mother to the Earth and tends to favor druidic tendencies.   In some parts of the world, she is thought to be male.  Most mythologies in the world point to a being that is somewhat like her, so while theologians may argue over who is right and who is wrong and which is the correct god–they all have different names for her–witches believe that there is only one goddess who rules the planet and that almost everyone worships her in one way or another, whether they acknowledge that or not.

Anyway, that is some of what I jotted down yesterday while I was at a conference as an exhibitor and the attendees were in session. I am adapting some characters and story ideas that I first came up with months ago into this new world and belief system. As I said, I am still working out the details and these are just a few thoughts I had. But I like to show my process, so in this case, I had characters in mind and then started world building.

Today, as part of this process, I jotted down some notes on how I could adapt the existing characters, so I printed out the detailed sketches I had written of each one and wrote a little more about their powers and how the world around them reacts to them. So far, this only affects two of the characters–the heroine and her fey cat. But there will be more.

So I hope that inspires you to do a little world building of your own if you are thinking of writing a story in an alternate universe or time period. It is very simple–just start making up rules. What can and can’t happen and how people react to it, as well as what people know and don’t know. I have three handwritten pages of rules so far. See if you can keep up with me! Have a great Thursday, all!



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