New Story a-Brewin’!

I am working on a new project that is probably going to end up being longer than a flash fiction piece would be. This particular story is called As the Stars Align and was inspired by one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction prompts found here. It was his April 1 blog post and it asked writers, in 2000 words, to write a story about a dragon. The idea was to not necessarily use a literal fire-breathing dragon, but perhaps a person nicknamed dragon etc.

I was reading someone’s story online (I desperately wish I could remember whose so I could credit him/her) and the words “stars align” leaped off the screen at me, so my “dragon” is a constellation in shape of a dragon. Like any other dragon,this constellation is very powerful. While it is visible during the night, no major decisions can be made (day or night). It is usually visible to the naked eye and can be seen every 15 years, so every 15 years is a year of the dragon. It is in the sky from July-December.

People generally dislike the uncertainty of a dragon year. There no babies born unless the pregnancy was in progress before the constellation appeared. There are no deaths either. Those near death must hang on until December when the dragon decides who lives and who dies.

I must admit that the world building has been fun and I actually started with that even though I am usually a character first writer. I have not developed characters yet but as for ideas, one of my characters has a decision to make about her life. She longs for the decision to be made by someone else, so she puts off her decision and waits for the dragon to decide for her. Another character, the first character’s best friend, hates the dragon and wants to make her own decisions about what she is to do. She doesn’t want to hang in limbo while the dragon hangs in the sky. She may rush into things before the dragon appears in the sky. Those are the only two characters I have even given thought to so far.

That is some of what I have developed. I will keep you posted as I develop more of the world and the characters that are going to inhabit it. This is very different writing from what I am used to and I am looking forward to it greatly. If you have comments or even suggestions on how I could make this world more interesting, please leave a comment. Have a great weekend, all!


One thought on “New Story a-Brewin’!

  1. I’m not a writer myself, just a blogger, but was very interested in your being someone who thinks of the characters first. I’m embarrassed to say, it never occurred to me that people could do it that way round!

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