National Libraries Week

This is a little late in coming, but this week is National Libraries Week. Now if you are a writer, you probably use your library pretty regularly for reading and research. I would encourage you to go into your library and thank the staff for all they do to keep you up to your ears in new books. Plus, many libraries have special events during this week.

Our local public library, Missouri River Regional Library, has a program called Food for Fines. You can pay off your fines by bringing in non-expired, non-perishable items from your pantry or buy them right off the shelves at the store. Each item equals $1 off your overdue fines. This does not include replacement costs (like if you lost a book) but if you missed your due date, this is a great way to pay it off. The food is then donated to a local food pantry.

They also give free replacement library cards. Normally a library card costs $2 to replace, but during this week, our public library gives free ones if you have lost your card. So be sure to check with your local library to see what programs and incentives they have this week. It could benefit you and your library.

Public libraries are an important part of our community cultures. They are a gathering place as well as a place of learning and entertainment. When I see public libraries getting cuts to their funding, it saddens me. Our local library is a haven for some of our homeless community during the day. They can get resources for improving their lives as we have a resource manual. They also can use the computer lab to look for employment and housing.

Our public library is the hub of our community. If it ever closes, even for repairs or holidays, our community is affected greatly. I can’t imagine what would happen to all the people who use its resources if it lost all of its funding. So once again, I encourage you, even if it isn’t during this week, to go into your library and thank your staff. Believe me, your appreciation won’t go unnoticed.


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