Below is a mixed media piece I did of my niece, Adrian. She is my brother’s youngest child and the photo I colored of her was from when she was 11 months old. In actuality, she will be 3 next month. I eventually want to turn all of my nieces and nephews into fairies and dragons.

She really was wearing bunny ears in the photo as it was taken at Easter time. However, I cropped them out and paper pieced them back in. I used acrylic on canvas for the background. I took two shades of blue and put them side by side on my palette before dipping a brush in the two colors and swirling them on the background. I really like how the background turned out.

I printed out a light grayscale photo of Adrian and colored it with regular color pencils before cropping what I wanted to use and then Mod Podging it onto the canvas. I paper pieced the fairy wings and used textiles to form a border between her torso and the bottom of the canvas. The photo was not a full-body shot.

The fairy on the mushroom is a stamped image I colored from a Fairies set of Stampin’ Up stamps. It is an older set and I had a hard time finding it. I LOVE to use it, though. The rest is ribbon. glue and glitter.

Very simple, but I am still learning mixed media art. Unfortunately, I lost my teacher. Long story. So I am experimenting on my own. I am already working on another piece for my oldest niece, Adelyn. She will be six next month but I am using a photo from when she was about 4 months old.

I hope you enjoyed, and if you have comments about how I can improve, please leave them below. Have a great Tuesday!

2016-03-14 19.55.30


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