The Guineverian Secret

This piece is based on a prompt from Friday, March 4 by Chuck Wendig at  where he listed the seven deadly sins and encouraged readers to choose one to write a 1000 word story on. I chose mine using a random generator and got Lust. So, here is my story about lust. It turned out to be about 1300 words. Enjoy!

Viala Dittmer dashed out of her car and into The Book and Pen bookstore. Whisking open the door, she approached the older man at the counter. She had pre-ordered and received confirmation that her book arrived, so she didn’t feel the need to look around very much. She waited behind the fake-haired redhead in front of her for what seemed like an eternity. Glancing around, her eyes latched onto a Guinevere’s Chocolate display just to her left. She loved Guinevere’s chocolate, but had sworn it off.

She was 110 lbs at 5’7″ and ran daily while lifting weights three times per week to build her muscle tone. But Guinevere made the best dark chocolate she had ever tasted, and her eyes zeroed in on a new flavor: Blood Orange Dark Chocolate. It was a big bar, probably 8 or so squares. Viala licked her lips, desiring to taste just one piece. Surely she wouldn’t go to hell for one square, even if it did have milk in it. Then she remembered why she was there: to pick up a vegan cookbook.

Viala whipped her head forward, trying to take her mind off the blood orange chocolate. The fake-haired lady had finally completed her transaction. Viala requested her order, Vegan Cooking with Jim O’Neill and found that it was indeed there as promised. Brendan would be very pleased. She paid for her purchase, biting her lip as she glanced again at the Guinevere’s display.

Why did they need to put chocolate in a bookstore anyway? was the logical question she asked herself before darting past the display and shoving open the door so forcefully it rocked on its hinges.

Viala tried to think of something else as she unlocked her car. She started the ignition and turned on the radio to anything that might take her mind off of blood oranges and dark chocolate. She turned on the local talk radio station and immersed herself in the political news of the day. Each turn and each push of the gas pedal took her further from The Book and Pen, and that was exactly what she needed.

Arriving home, Viala almost forgot to grab the package with the book in it from the passenger seat. She calmly walked into the front door and placed the book at Brendan’s spot at the table. He’d only moved in with her a week ago and he already had his own spot. Her last boyfriend had been a vegetarian like her, but Brendan was a  vegan and had convinced her to become one, too. She didn’t know if she really believed in it or was just going along with what he wanted.

She never knew that with any of her boyfriends. She was easily swayed by other people. If they told her to run a marathon, she prepared for one. If they told her she looked sexy in chartreuse, she would wear it. Brendan wasn’t home yet, so she decided to take the book and thumb through it a bit to see if any of the recipes appealed to her, but when she saw a vegan brownie, all bets were off and her lusty thoughts drifted back to that candy bar she’d seen at The Book and Pen. That was it, she realized, she was lusting after it. She wanted that candy bar more than sex. She thought about it and realized she would have to test that theory.

When Brendan came home, she pulled him into the bedroom and ripped his clothes off. She had her way with him, riding him until her splayed thighs could take no more. Brendan groaned and kissed her, telling her it was the best sex of his life as he redressed so they could have dinner. He had come more than once during her ministrations to his body. She hadn’t come once, but he didn’t seem to notice that.

She couldn’t come when she was thinking about semi-sweet creaminess between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She wondered if it had juicy filling like the raspberry bars did. She loved orange chocolate and remembered the chocolate orange-shaped candy she used to buy that would split into slices when tapped on the counter. It was obvious, she was lusting for candy more than sex.

She wondered if this was anything like that chocolate orange. There was only one way to find out, but how long would she have to jog and how many weights would she have to lift to work it off, not to mention that chocolate has milk in it, which would disappoint Brendan and his vegan ways. He wouldn’t forgive her for having milk in chocolate. He would say the cow didn’t give up the milk willingly and was living in deplorable conditions anyway. He would make her feel bad for her orange chocolate, so was it really worth it? Or would he really have to know?

Viala considered the last question as Brendan made the sounds of dinner preparation in the next room. She could hear water running as he filled one of the pots and she heard him shuffling through the tool drawer, probably looking for a wooden spoon. Going back to the orange chocolate, she could dispose of the evidence. He would never see it in her body, or would he? Would it cause her to put on a pound or two? They weighed themselves every day. Would he notice it in her weight? What if it was more than a pound or two? What if it was three or four?

The thought of hiding not only milk but chocolate from him was almost exhilarating. She would have to go back the next day after work. She was always home before he was anyway. He would never know. Viala almost giggled as she hatched her plan to deceive Brendan and vegans everywhere for that matter.

The next day at work, she couldn’t think about anything but dark chocolate. She could practically taste it, she lusted after it so much. Viala raced to her car at exactly 4:59, not caring that she was one minute early. Each turn and each push of the gas pedal drove her closer to the chocolate display at The Book and Pen, which was exactly what she needed. She didn’t even lock her car as she sprinted into the front door of the book store. She grabbed her choice, held it like it was sacred, and walked with it up to the counter.

After paying the cashier, she was more ginger going back to her car. She didn’t want to drop and break her precious candy bar. Sitting in her car, she pondered the wrapper. This was her last chance to go back, to say no to the candy and yes to a healthy lifestyle. But healthy people died all the time she determined as she pulled back the foil. She took a bite of a square and rolled her eyes to the back of her head in pleasure. She was certain she was going to have the satiety sex didn’t provide last night.

She took another bite, taking in the crunchy bits of orange along with the smooth bits of chocolate. Square by square she ate the entire bar and felt no more shame. No one would know but her. If she weighed an extra pound in the morning, so be it. She leaned her head back and swallowed the last bite, feeling sated. After a while of contemplating how delicious dark chocolate was, she got up out of the car and disposed of the evidence. He would never know.

Viala thought about what she had done. She had done what every skinny girl wanted to do–she had just enjoyed a candy bar guilt free. She must somehow celebrate that moment she decided. She must do something to honor what it is like to just enjoy junk food for the sake of enjoying it. She decided that quarterly she would eat something she shouldn’t, something just for her that would make her feel as good as the dark chocolate blood orange did. And she would not feel guilty and she would not tell anyone. She would not run extra or lift more weight. She would just enjoy it and let it be and live happily ever after.


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