Camp Nanowrimo

I felt ready to begin Camp NaNoWriMo on Friday after my critique group went through the first chapter of my novel and answered some general questions I had. With me being the big nerd I am, I wrote two pages worth of questions for them to answer, some of which was about material they had not yet read. The two members of the group present were real troopers and went through every question.

I had the advantage of having two very different people look at the first part of my novel. The first was from more of a reader’s perspective. She didn’t have much experience as a writer, nor did she have experience as a critique partner, so I got first-hand information from someone who was just simply a reader and her first impression and nothing more. This is valuable information to have and she answered both pages of my questions handout.

The second reader of my critique group was a fellow writer and someone who is used to critiquing the work of others. Though I don’t write in her genre, she was knowledgeable enough about mine to give me some excellent feedback. She pointed out that I show rather than tell, which is something I had already picked up on in my own reading, but she also gave me an excellent idea for a character arc for my female lead character by using a version of the Female Messiah Complex. I did some reading on the Messiah Complex and I feel a little better prepared to incorporate it into my novel, but I will probably email this critique partner several times to make sure I am not getting too far off base. It is meant to be a minor part of the character,so I don’t want to overdo it.

Overall, I felt rejuvenated and ready to edit when I left. I planned to start Friday with Camp and I have a cabin full of campers who can help me as well. I am looking forward to getting to know them and their projects. Many of them write Romance, so I am pleased to find some like-minded people in my cabin. Some are like me and working on another project and others are starting new projects. If you are in Camp NaNo, I wish you all the luck and I hope your cabin mates are awesome! Have a great day!


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