The Cat Guardian Part 9

Alika began to slowly release a thick fog. Plumeria tried to prepare herself for what was to come next, but no matter what happened, she didn’t want her brother to be caught in the crossfire. For all she knew he had been bewitched by Kahuna and was completely innocent. It was highly unlikely, but she wanted to believe it anyway.

“Damn, this mist is getting thicker,” Kahuna complained. “Must be because we have gone higher up. We must be nearing the apex.”

“No, don’t believe that. She is here somewhere. I can sense her,” Stewie said, placing his right hand over his chest as if to touch his heart. Plumeria nearly scoffed aloud. She knew he had no sixth sense for her. He couldn’t–he had no feelings for her. She wanted to shout out that he was a phony and that Kahuna should run while he could, but she remained silent. Alika seemed amused by the comment and gesture as well. He twitched the tip of his tail and shook his head.

Plumeria concentrated as hard as she could. She made the same sound Stewie had made climbing the incline–that of feet slipping on rocks and dirt. It came from behind them.

“Wh-what was that? Kahuna asked, taking a few steps toward the sound.

“Probably nothing. I’ll go check it out,” said Stewie. “And if I find her, I’ll throw her off the mountain myself,” he said as he flexed his biceps.

As soon as Stewie was out of sight, Plumeria position her hands just as Ailani had taught her, focused her concentration, and let the electricity loose from within her. She was aimed at Kahuna but hit a nearby tree, which went up in flames.

“Holy shit! She is here,” Kahuna mumbled. Plumeria could see him searching the darkness for her. She was highly disappointed that she missed him, but Ailani had warned her that would happen. Kahuna stumbled about, keeping one hand on the boulder he’d sat on earlier for balance. She almost felt sorry for him–he seemed so blind. “Stewie!” he yelled down the hill. There was no response. “Stewie! She is up here!” he yelled again. Either Stewie didn’t hear him or Stewie didn’t care to come back and face his sister. She would eventually find out which it was.

The tree continued to burn and he was using it’s light to try and find Plumeria and Alika, but they were hidden behind trees of their own. The fire’s light didn’t reach far enough for him to detect their location. It was a small tree, a sapling really. The fire wouldn’t last long.

Plumeria waited until his light source died down some before she stepped out of her cover and took aim once again. She relaxed her arms and hands and let the energy flow through them before she released the lightening. Kahuna had finally sat down on the boulder, having temporarily given up on his companion and having lost most of his light. He was a still target. She would not miss this time. With her brows furrowed in concentration, Plumeria allowed the power built up in her hands to release itself. The bolt of lightening shot straight out and hit it’s target square in the torso. She tried to keep the energy stream going, but it failed. She needed a rest. But he was injured. She could smell the smoking flesh.

“Stewie!” he cried weakly. “I’m hit. The bitch hit me.”

Kahuna was doubled over on the boulder, torso smoking and crying out in pain. “I’ll get you bitch!” he screamed. Then, as if he finally remembered he was a witch of the light, he put forth one hand and shone a beacon of light around the area. The beacon could be used for healing, but he seemed only interested in finding her, not healing his own wounds. Plumeria determined he must be one of those dumb criminals she’d read about.

His beam caught the trees where Alika and Plumeria were taking refuge. “Ah, there you are. Too bad Stewie left. He’s not going to get to watch you die, is he? He’s probably chickened out at the sound of you taking shots at me, but he’ll still be glad to know you are dead. He’s always hated you.”

“Do you think you are telling me anything I don’t already know, Kahuna? So Stewie hates me. Blah, blah. Big deal. So he had a crappy childhood. He has always blamed everything on me, and when I kill you, he will finally have justification for blaming something on me.” Plumeria took her stance, feet apart, arms out, hands pointed upward, and allowed the energy to flow once again. This time she was going to be sure she had enough energy to finish him off.

“Are you serious? You don’t think he is justified in hating you? You have been nothing but a bitch to him his entire life.”

“I think you are confused. He was a bitch to me. He likes turning the tables to get what he wants, and he wants sympathy, though why he wants it from you I don’t know.”

“I’ve had enough talk.” No sooner did Kahuna finish the sentence then he fired a laser at her. He couldn’t go double because he still needed one hand for the light. Plumeria dodged the beam quite easily. So maybe athletic shoes weren’t a bad idea after all. She was quicker on her feet with those than she would have been with the hiking boots.

She dodged the beam, but it broke her stance. She wondered if the energy was still in her arms. She decided to find out. Taking her stance again, she focused her attention on Kahuna and fired another lightening bolt at him, this time striking him in the left shoulder. The mark was only inches from his heart. Had she been able to target his heart, he would have been dead.

Kahuna cursed and turned off his light beam to fire two laser beams at her, but they were entwined, so it was really like dodging one large beam. She was able to avoid it easily. Then, without warning, Alika leaped forward and attached himself to Kahuna’s face while he had no light by which to see him coming. While Alika was shredding Kahuna’s facial features, Plumeria recovered her energy. She wanted to aim for the heart this time, just to be sure.

Kahuna was screaming and Plumeria swore his facial features were hanging onto his face by threads. Those claws of Alika’s must be really sharp. Kahuna and Plumeria fired at the same time. Plumeria’s bolt hit Kahuna squarely in the heart and he fell to the ground with Alika still tearing at him. One of Kahuna’s lasers hit it’s target. Plumeria was hit in the left shoulder, dangerously close to the heart. She, too, fell to the ground, crying out in pain.

Alika heard her cry and ran immediately to her. “Plumeria, Plumeria, can you hear me?”

“I hear you,” she whispered weakly.

“Can you walk? We need to get you to one of the light witches immediately.”

“No, I don’t think so. I’m just…so…weak…and…tired…,” she said as she started to lay her head down and close her eyes.

“No, no, no! You can’t close your eyes, Plumeria. You have to keep them open for me. If you fall asleep, you’ll never wake up and I can’t have that on my conscience. We’re partners, remember?” he said, rubbing his head on her face.

“I need to go for help. I can’t stay with you. But you must stay awake. Do you hear me?”

“Stay awake. For you, Alika,” she said with a slight smile on her lips.

“Good girl,” he said, but he didn’t believe her. He was going to have to move fast. And then there was Stewie still out there somewhere. What would he do if he found her like this? Alika didn’t want to think about it.

“I’m going to cut off Kahuna’s hands in case there really is someone who can resurrect him. Then I will go to the coven as fast as I can, okay?”

“Okay,” Plumeria said, but she seemed to be fading fast.

Alika ran over to where Kahuna’s body lay, still smoking from Plumeria’s lightening bolts and took one claw to sever each hand. He found out he could cut through skin, muscle, cartilage, and bone with his titanium claws. He was pretty impressed with this gift. He glanced at Kahuna’s face. It was unrecognizable. He had nearly severed all of his facial features. Had Plumeria not bolted him, he probably would have eventually died from Alika’s wounds to his head.

Alika ran back over to Plumeria to check on her one last time. She was conscious and breathing, but he didn’t know how long that would last. He hoped he could get the light witches there quickly. It had stopped raining,so that would help.


One thought on “The Cat Guardian Part 9

  1. I really liked your story Marsha. Thanks for including the meaning of the Hawaiian names, besides making it easier to keep track of the characters right from the start it gave a clue to the personality of each character.

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