The Cat Guardian Part 5

Finally! Are Plumeria and Alika of the light or of the dark? Find out by reading below!


Following the lead of the other witches, Alika and Plumeria made their way to the other side of the bonfire. The fire was burning high and bright, not to mention hot. It’s heat kept Plumeria warm during the cool Hawaiian evening in the mountains. There was not much conversation among the group and the light and dark witches remained fairly segregated.

Plumeria and Alika were not sure where they were supposed to be, even if they were the guests of honor. Other witches looked at them, but no one came and spoke to them. Plumeria could only guess that they were such a unique pair that they instilled fear or at least unease in the others. After all, all of them had probably known from the beginning whether they would be light or dark.

Plumeria and Alika represented the unknown. No one wanted to associate with the unknown. But soon, they would be known, and she couldn’t help but wonder how differently others would look at them then.

“Puanani and Alika! It is time to begin. Let’s find out what you are going to be made of,” Ailani called. Plumeria hugged Alika tightly to her, feeling very uneasy as she walked toward Ailani, who was standing right next to the fire.”

“The umbrella Alika wears and the gloves you wear, Puanani, can only be removed one way–they have to be burned off.” Plumeria gasped and Alika shifted in her arms, trying to climb over her shoulder. It took her a few moments to regain control of his little body. ‘Shhh,” she said. “It’ll be alright, Alika,” she said only half believing it herself.

“Don’t worry, you two,” Ailani soothed. “Contrary to popular belief, witches don’t burn. The poor fools who burned during the Salem Witch Trials were human.

“You first, then,” Plumeria challenged. She felt very smart for saying so. Ailani shrugged and stepped into the fire, waited several moments, and stepped out. She was unharmed, not burned. Even her clothes were intact. Plumeria’s mouth was agape and Alika relaxed some in her arms.

“I won’t lie. You will feel some discomfort, but you will not burn. The umbrella and the gloves will turn to ash and your powers will be revealed almost immediately. The fortification you received earlier will help with some of the pain and discomfort of the fire. I hope you both partook of it?” It sounded more like a question, but Plumeria just nodded, still amazed that Ailani had stepped in and out of the fire unscathed.

“Good,” Ailani continued. “Here is what you will do. You will pick up Alika and hold him back first into the fire, making sure your hands get in the fire, too. Once the gloves and umbrella disappear, pull yourselves out immediately and step away from the fire. We will then tell you how to see your powers if they haven’t made themselves known already. Can you do that?”

“I-I don’t know,” Plumeria admitted. “I can’t hurt Alika,” she said as tears started streaming down her face. “He is everything to me. I raised him. I can’t just plunge him into a bonfire. I will put my hands in there, but Alika is on his own or someone else will have to do it.”

Ailani sighed, pushing up her sleeves. “Very well, I will hold Alika. Alika, you let me know if it is too hot. We will do this together on the count of three. Here, give me the familiar.”

“I am trusting you with my lifeline,” Plumeria said while handing Alika over carefully to Ailani. “P-Please don’t let anything happen to him,” she wailed, still crying.

Ailani held Alika just as Plumeria had–with care and love. Plumeria seemed satisfied. “Are you ready, Puanani?”

“I am ready.”

They both stepped toward the fire and on the count of three, Ailani plunged Alika’s back into the fire and Plumeria plunged her hands in. Within seconds the umbrella and gloves were dissipated and they pulled back out. Plumeria sighed dramatically.

“Oh, it was’t that bad,” Alika said.

“Alika! I can understand you!” Plumeria said with delight.

“Now you’ll just want me to shut up,” Alika joked.

“If we can understand each other, what are we–light or dark?” Plumeria asked, glancing at Ailani.

“Paunani, put your hands up as if to stop someone from doing something.”

Plumeria followed her instructions and was shot backward as a stream of electricity came out of her hands. She fell directly onto her bottom. Then a sound appeared from behind them, but when Plumeria turned, she couldn’t find its source. Next a thick fog appeared, but Plumeria could still see through it. It was amazing to her.

“You are both dark,” Ailani pronounced.

“We are?” Plumeria whined. She had hoped to be light and have the lasers she’d heard about. She wanted to have the ability to heal people, make beautiful objects and heal animals. Light witches don’t kill their foes. They injure them, capture them, then heal them and learn from them. But she wasn’t light. She was dark.

Dark witches were mischievous tricksters. They caused disease, pain and discomfort in their enemies if they didn’t kill them. They created strange things and sometimes altered the natural abilities of animals so the animal could assist them. However, in spite of their differences, they didn’t work against each other. Light and dark witches worked together in the same coven, often relying on each other’s abilities for situations they couldn’t handle on their own.

“Let me tell you more about what you can do, okay? Maybe that will help you not be so disappointed.” She bent down and picked up Alika. “Your familiar is phenomenal. He not only speaks so you can understand him, but he also can create fog to trap foes and he has been given titanium front claws.” She pulled back his toes to demonstrate how impressive his claws were. “He can slice through almost anything with these and they are sharp and painful. His back claws are the same as before so he doesn’t harm himself when scratching an itch. Alika is now a force to be reckoned with. He can trap someone in the fog and then attack them with his claws.” She set him back down on the ground.

“You, Ms. Paunani now have dark vision so you can see in low light. This is common for dark witches and a lot of them do their quests at night. You also have electricity and can electrocute your foes, which does work against rogue witches should you ever need it. Your final ability is that of noise distractions. You can create a noise distraction in any direction to disorient your foes. So while they are turned to find that rock they thought they heard, you can electrocute them.

Most witches and familiars only get one ability beyond speech and dark vision, but you both got two because of when you were born. You are truly blessed and will be very vital to our coven. I hope you have lost some of that disappointment?”

“I am just glad I get to keep Alika. I don’t know what I would do without him. It sounds like our abilities are really great and all.”

“But you are still disappointed. Are you surprised you are dark? The spring equinox is a confrontation between light and dark. You know that. But didn’t you pay attention? The dark was winning today–didn’t you notice the cloud cover? This is Hawaii–it is almost always sunny. It may even rain this night, which is rare on this side of the island. I am not surprised you are dark. I would have been more surprised if you had been light.”

Plumeria looked up. She couldn’t see the moon and stars and hadn’t thought about there being little sun that day. She supposed Ailani was right.

“There is one more part of the ceremony you must go through. This is a little gross, but it is to prepare you for your quest. We will paint parts of you with blood. Make your way back to the fire. These are your battle markings for your quest.”

The three of them walked to the fire and Ailani was handed a bucket by one of the other witches.

“This is Hawaiian Goose blood, the state bird. Paunani, you first.” Plumeria stepped forward. “For you, I paint lightening bolts for your electricity and paint around your ears to symbolize your ability to create audio distractions.”

Plumeria stepped back and bent down to pick up Alika. “Alika, I paint blood across your back for the fog you create and I paint your front  paws, instruments of destruction.”

An eruption of applause came from around the bonfire, which had begun to die down a little since they had stuck the gloves and umbrella in it

“Ailani, may I make I request? I go by Plumeria. Is it okay to be called that from now on?” she said, looking down at the ground with respect for her leader.

“Of course, Plumeria. But you are not off the hook just yet. The ceremony may be done, but you still have to be assigned your first quest and it is one we believe only you and Alika can handle, what with your extra abilities and all. But first, mingle. Get to know the coven. Then we will give you your quest.


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