A Discussion of Medium

People think about medium when they think about art, but what about writing? What medium do you use while you write? There are several to choose from: pen, pencil, colored pencil, marker, colored pen. Then there are the papers: smooth, course, gritty, slick.

But above all that is the electronic medium–the word processing computer. Do you use Scrivener, Microsoft Word, Libre Office, Claris Works? Then there is the type of computer: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Do you dictate? Use voice recognition software? I’m sure I have left out something. If you are like me, you use a hybrid *gasps*.

I write my character sketches in 4theWords on my 11″ laptop, which is not even listed above. I used to do them in Libre Office, but defeating monsters is much more fun. So characterization is done electronically.

Then come the plot points. For this I use a trusty gel pen of any color and a white legal pad. I do not use notebooks because I am left-handed and the spirals get in the way. I ask myself what comes first and then keep asking what comes next until I get to some kind of ending.

Plot pointing is then translated electronically so I can put the points in some kind of order. When they come out on paper, they don’t necessarily come out in order. By the time I get them in order on the computer, the paper I originally wrote them on looks indecipherable. May it rest in pieces.

I tend to work in Libre Office because it is free and it does the job. I have Scrivener but I have never been able to figure out how to use it, so I avoid it. I’m sure it is great software, but it doesn’t seem intuitive.

However you write, have fun with it. That is the most important aspect of our craft–having fun using your imagination. Happy Wednesday. Have some fun already!


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