A Sewing Detour

The other day, I spoke about my craft room. You know, the room I craft in but don’t write in. I mentioned that I made the curtains for that room, so I decided to include a photo below. As you can see, the room is a lovely plum purple and the curtains have a nice tan color with some of that plum in them. The curtains aren’t fancy, but I am learning how to sew. Curtains seemed like a natural thing to learn with. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and it is a Brother that is really easy to thread. I am grateful for this and for the easy bobbin winding as bobbins have been the bane of my sewing for quite some time. They are the reason I have never learned how to sew, or rather the fear of them, I should say. Dropping the bobbin in this little machine is quite easy and there is a diagram for how the thread should face.

I also decided to make curtains for my bedroom, which only has one small window. We have gray walls and a black, wrought iron canopy bed. The bed has a solid burgundy blanket on it. I decided I needed a pattern in this room, so I chose a black fabric with a metallic silver burst. I plan to make pillow cases out of the same fabric. The bedroom curtains are the bottom photo.20160314_20014820160314_200237

I thought I would change things up from talking about writing for a bit to talking about a few of my crafts. Maybe it will give me incentive to create more often. I tend to work on crafts about once a week. These are all I have sewn other than a pillow case. I will have to post that at a later date. The fabrics I chose I got from quilting shops, so though they were a little pricey, they are great quality and will last a long time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little detour. Happy Tuesday, and since I forgot to mention it the other day, welcome to Daylight Savings Time. Woohoo!


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