Where Do You Create?

It is not uncommon for creative types to long for a creative space all their own, usually an entire room. Some have half a table or desk that they use. Some have a space under the stairs, a cubby all their own. And still others are portable and prefer to create outside the home in coffee houses or in groups with friends.

I am fortunate enough to have an entire room to myself, something I always dreamed of. I have all of my craft supplies organized in modular cubes. Oscar loves to scratch on the fabric cubes that go across the middle. They have obviously seen some wear even though I have only had Oscar since the end of July. The room is painted in a color I love–a medium plum purple. The curtains are a tan and purple paisley and I sewed them myself. There is a watercolor of a purple kitty hanging above the light switch. I have not finished decorating this room as of yet. Under the double window, which lets in plenty of light, is a large desk with some of my favorite things on it. In the center of the room is a foldout 6 ft. table and between the two is my comfy desk chair.

I love to craft in this room and often invite a friend to craft with me at the table. We paint, we sew, we color. It is a happy place that lends itself to group creativity. But I never write in it. I find that strange. It has everything I would need to write, but I don’t sit in it for that purpose.

So, you may be wondering where I DO write. It is really a strange thing, but I tend to gravitate to the living room for that activity. I have an oversized, over stuffed recliner with comfy pillows and soft blankets. Next to it is a small table where I keep a drink, my headphones and phone, and any books I need for the craft. I like to write with my feet up and my little laptop resting on top of the fuzzy blankets. I usually have a cat or two join me, as I do now. Perhaps that is the appeal. My cats like it when I am parked in this chair as they feel welcome to hop up onto the footrest.

No matter how many spaces you have to create in, it is important that you have space to make your own and make your art. It can be big or small, but it needs to be yours and it needs to be a comfortable, happy place. Tell me about your creative spaces. I would love to hear where you create art and what kind of art you create. Have a great day!


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