Harder Than I Thought

Editing and revising this novel is turning out to be more difficult than I hoped. I went through Chapter 1 last night and did the line by line edits that I could find. However, I am still not sure how I want to rewrite this chapter. I marked a good portion of it as “dry” but that might just be my perspective as the writer. It is very informational, but this information is necessary for the reader to understand what kind of job the heroine has.

I have already decided that Chapter 1 is not going to remain Chapter 1. It will ultimately probably be Chapter 2. I have written a chapter that falls chronologically before the first chapter as it stands now. In this chapter, my hero and heroine interact over the phone. This is how they know each other before they meet in person. In my story, they have spoken over the phone in a professional manner for the last 3 years, so they are each aware of who the other is before they meet. I feel this chapter is important so that my readers can see the before and after of their relationship and judge for themselves whether or not they felt an attraction when they were just voices to each other by going by their banter.

I also realized as I was doing line edits that I need to draw out the dramatic incidents of the book to make them more interesting and intense. They happen way too quickly and I feel this cheats the reader of feeling the emotions the characters feel.

My heroine is supposed to be a bit of a klutz and I think I need to show her internal dialogue and physical reactions to her klutziness to make her embarrassment more apparent. There is an incident that demonstrates how clumsy she feels about herself in the first chapter and it is over so fast that the reader might miss it. I need for her to make a bigger deal out of it in her mind, to exaggerate the incident because that is how she would really feel about it. She wouldn’t just brush it off as I have her doing.

There were a few good things I found while doing line edits. I found some nice turns of phrase that I hope to keep and overall the grammar was pretty good. I try to be somewhat conscientious of that as I write.

I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate all the setting and body language changes I need to make. I basically sat and stared at the marked up copy of my manuscript last night wondering what to do next. I think I need to paste the document into a new file and just start typing.

So my goal for tonight is to put the marked up manuscript away, at least for a bit, and just write. I think once I allow myself to get started things will happen. I just need to stop feeling overwhelmed and take it one piece, one page at a time. Plus, I need to keep my cuddly cat off my lap. Iris ran interference last night and knocked several items off my lap in order to make room for herself last night, so that didn’t help. But I really shouldn’t blame the cat. It is my own procrastination that is holding me back. But the cat does make for a cozy excuse.


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