A Note On Setting

Well, things came up last evening with family that prevented me from editing Chapter 1. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything done on the book. I sat down and looked at where my scenes took place in Chapter 1. I wrote detailed descriptions of the setting for each scene. I had read in a short book entitled She Sat, He Stood: what do your characters do while they talk? by Ginger Han that doing this helps you write the body language and other tidbits your characters do while they talk. I am hoping this improves my dialogue sections and I do have quite a bit of dialogue, even in the first chapter.

Not only did I describe the buildings and rooms, but I tried to get a feel for all the little items in each room that could be used as props such as papers, coffee cups, etc. I recommend Han’s book if you struggle with this part of your dialogue. It is just over 60 pages, but is packed with ideas for helping you improve dialogue. I believe it is $ .99 on Amazon, so well worth the investment.

I wish I would have gotten more done on the novel, but my family is very important to me and one of my family members has been going through a rough time, so I felt I should be there for him rather than selfishly typing away on my book. I hope to work on Chapter One this evening. My husband has choir practice at his church so there shouldn’t be many distractions (I hope).

I promise to keep you posted on the latest with the book. I spoke with my husband yesterday. He is the only other person who has read my book all the way through. He gave me some great suggestions for making it better. He is my best critic. He, too, has been known to write, and he has read a lot (not romances, but other things) so he has a pretty good handle on characterization and plot, etc.  I value his opinion. His main praise of my book is that I don’t seem to fall into some of the same pitfalls as other romance writers. He is basing this on chick flicks he has seen and not books he has read, but I still take it as high praise.

I hope you have a great day and if you are a blogger, I hope you link your blog to mine. I would be happy to spread the word about your blog to my readers. Happy creating!


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