Novel Daydreams

It has been nearly two years since I posted on this blog and I have no good excuses for that, but let me tell you that I plan to blog almost daily as I revise my first romance novel. I wrote the book during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November 2015. Since then it has just been sitting on my computer, stewing. Until now. I have decided to write a romance series about girls who are more than a little nerdy. This will be my Geeky Girls series and Romeo and Geekette is the first novel in that series. All the novels will be set in Jefferson City, MO, my current home and Missouri’s great capitol city. This novel features a library nerd and a handsome blind man who come together at a conference. My romances are spicy in nature and have unusual characters. I do not plan to publish my novel on the blog. However, I will let you know where you can read it once I am done with it. I haven’t decided if I will try to publish traditionally or self-publish yet. I am torn between the two.

I am already in the early stages of a second book for the series titled Meet Me at the Faire about a couple who meets at a Renaissance Faire. I also have an idea for a third book about a female game master and an uncooperative player. Since being a geek seems popular at the moment, I hope women who geek find enjoyment in my books. I, myself, am a pretty big nerd and have done lots of geeky things in recent years.

The current purpose of this blog is to take you through my creative revision process. Take note, young writers! I am a former writing instructor, but that doesn’t mean I won’t struggle with the same things you do as you create and revise your drafts. The plan for this revision is to take a chunk a day through the month of February and try to finish by the 29th. I did the same thing when I wrote the novel–I aimed to write 2,000 words per day and ended up averaging more than that, thereby finishing on the 20th instead of the 30th. My total word count in the 20 days was 59,484! I was very proud of this as it exceeded my previous NaNo novel by about 9,000 words. Plus, I never wrote an ending to the first novel, nor did I ever revise it. It wasn’t a romance. I was trying to write literary fiction and was failing miserably. I am much happier writing romance and have a lot more ideas for it. So the very first novel is in a drawer, so to speak. It might come out someday when it is ready to cooperate with me.

I hope you enjoy walking through my daily process with me. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for tackling your own work. On this evening’s agenda is a sit down, non-stop ready through of the entire novel as it is now. The trick will be making only marginal notes and not proofing the entire thing. I will be looking for character arc, story arc, and structure as well as how the overall tone of the book sounds. These are the things I will make note of as I am reading. I will let you know tomorrow how the read through went and what I found (or didn’t find) in my novel. Have a great day!


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